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Want to ensure you get to your destination on time? Dash 2 are reliable, professional and prompt when it comes to travel. We will help you get to the seaport on time to ensure you don't miss your ferry transfer. You'll be driven safely and smoothly by our experienced and qualified drivers. We are based in Sevenoaks and can arrange pick ups covering a 25-30 mile radius to ferry ports such as Dover.

Efficient seaport transfers in Sevenoaks

  • Dover

  • Southampton

  • Newhaven

  • Tilbury

You can get our seaport transfers to:

Don't be left worrying where you'll park your car, if it will be safe and will you get to the seaport on time. Let Dash 2 take control. We'll arrange a suitable time to collect you and ensure you arrive with plenty of time to spare. You won't have to worry about additional parking costs or stress and worry on your holiday about if your car is safe. We'll be there waiting to pick you up from the ferry transfer too so you can have a smooth and relaxing journey back to your home.

Affordable and convenient

Get seaport pick-ups 24 hours a day throughout Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas by calling us on:

07880 737 835